Nikond3400 excess


Who does not know a well-known brand that is very well known among Nikon photographers has a fairly wide range of products, ranging from products for beginners to products for professionals.

One Nikon product aimed at beginners Nikon D3400. Nikon D3400 is the successor of the Nikon D3300 which is very popular among photography beginners. Although intended for beginners, the Nikon D3400 has tons of features that will spoil its users.


Design and Quality

Nikon is known for its design and quality, including the Nikon D3400. Although some body materials use plastic, the plastic used is of good quality. One of the benefits of using a plastic body is its weight which can be suppressed.



Lately there are relatively many people who like to show off their portraits to social media. Almost certainly, the photo was taken with a cellphone camera because of the ease of the upload process.

DSLR cameras also have a Wifi connection, but a Wifi connection is not always available at the shooting location. Some digital camera manufacturers have also begun to equip their products with SIM card slots.

Unfortunately, that luxury is not owned by Nikon D3400. Instead, the Nikon D3400 provides a Snapbridge connection, which is a Bluetooth low energy connection (BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy)


Guide Mode

Guide Mode is software found on the Nikon D3400 camera system. As mentioned earlier, this camera is intended for beginners. Guide Mode will provide guidance on the ideal settings for the camera to take photos in certain circumstances and situations.

Thus, beginners will be able to hone their photographic skills until someday without even Guide Mode they will be able to set their own camera configuration to take certain conditions and produce interesting photos.


Battery Saving

Slightly different from a smartphone whose battery specifications are stated with its capacity, for example 3000 mAh, digital camera batteries are more often expressed by the number of shots that can be taken.

The Nikon D3400 battery can be invited to take pictures 1,200 times until it’s time to recharge again. This figure is greater than the ability of the Nikon D3300 battery which is only capable of taking 700 shots.


11 point Auto Focus

Nikon D3400 camera uses 11-point phase detection auto-focus system technology. With these 11 phase detection points, the focus is faster and more accurate. It’s as if the camera knows which object we want the focus of our portrait to be.

Focus search can be peered through the 3-inch live view LCD screen on the back of the camera. A little unfortunate, the LCD screen of the Nikon D3400 camera has not used touch screen technology.