Trying Nikon Z Fc, Mirrorless Retro Design

Nikon Z FC-1

The Nikon Z FC is a mirrorless camera with a 21 MP APS-C sensor that has a design like a film camera. The design of this camera is inspired by the Nikon FM2, a film camera that was popular in the 1980-1990s. Z fc feels lighter thanks to the selection of materials that are not entirely metal.

Nikon Z FC

From the back, the new Nikon Z fc looks like a typical modern camera, having lots of buttons with a screen that can be turned sideways or folded in. This Nikon Z fc can be adjusted in two ways, the modern way and the retro way. For the modern way, there is a lever to change the mode to P (Program), A (Aperture Priority), and S (Shutter Priority) and Full Auto.
When these modes are active, the ISO value, shutter speed located above the camera does not apply. While in M ​​mode (manual) we can adjust settings like a film camera by turning the dial wheel at the top of the camera to change the ISO or shutter speed and the dial in front of the camera to change the aperture (f-number).

The three-inch LCD screen can be swiveled sideways and forward, making it easy to vlogging, selfie and shooting from multiple directions. This Z fc is the first Nikon Z camera to have a swivel LCD screen like this.

An electronic viewfinder is also available and has a rounded design like a film age camera, the resolution is not very high at 2 million dots, but it is large and spacious when viewed.

About Nikon Z FC

This camera Nikon Z FC can also record videos up to 4K 30p, but what’s interesting is that it can record Full HD with 4x slow motion or 120fps. This viewfinder has a resolution of 2.3 million dots, its size is quite large so it is very comfortable and very spacious.

This camera is also suitable for use in very hot outdoor conditions so it doesn’t glare, it also gives the impression of taking pictures with film cameras in the past.

What may be a concern for friends who use small mirrorless cameras is the battery capacity.
If it runs out of battery, we can charge it directly with a power bank via a USB-C cable.